Xerographica mini

The Queen of the Air Plants! The name Xerographica comes from the Greek words xeros (dry) and graphia (writing). It is stemless, and in its natural habitat, can grow up to 70 cm to 1 m high including the inflorescence. Our plants are quite special, the leaves are pale lavender grey, somewhat recurved at the tip. It likes very bright and sunny conditions. For best results only water by spraying, or lightly misting. A remarkable species. In winter months is best to keep it in a bright, cool place. Water about 3 times a month, and let it dry completely between waterings.

Please remember that Air Plants are unique living plants. It is perfectly normal for the plants to have minor leaf imperfections and vary in size. The dimensions below are approximate to give you an idea of the plant's size.

↔ ≈ 13 cm | ↑ ≈ 10 cm

SEK 249.00
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